There is a new way to stop self sabotage, smash perfectionism and start loving yourself silly.

How To Break Up With Self Sabotage, Stop Feeling Overwhelmed and Smash Anxiety With A Life Coach In Your Corner. 

From the desk of Danielle Colley. 
Life Coach, Sydney, NSW, Australia. 

How did you get here? 


Do you ever find yourself…
In a world of endless procrastination? 
Picking fights with loved ones? 
Avoiding commitment like no tomorrow? 
Constantly running late? 
Dodging confrontation like the plague? 
Overthinking and analysing things to the point of ridiculous? 
Everyone does this from time to time. 
You're only human. 
But when these behaviours become your greatest hits on repeat, then something bigger is going on. 

This brand new approach to powering up your purpose and preventing self sabotage is completely under the radar.

And I’m so happy you’ve landed on this page, because now I get to share this with you. 

What if you could stop getting in your own way, kick procrastination and self sabotage, quit self doubt, ditch second guessing yourself and begin backing yourself, living with joy and loving yourself madly 




Wasting another second feeling this way, engaging in expensive therapy, questioning yourself, and definitely without doing it alone. 


There are many reasons for self-sabotaging behaviours, but a lot of it comes down to self-esteem. 


Often it comes down to fear and not valuing yourself. 
It doesn’t need to be like this.
To get out of here, all you require is the ability to be yourself… 


With someone in your corner who understands and wholeheartedly supports you. 
And helps you see the inherent awesome which I’m quite certain is already there.


My closest friends and clients thought I was crazy at first… until I showed them how many women's lives have literally transformed for good. 

And in this letter, right here on this page today, you’re going to discover exactly how you can use this same support system to: 


  • Say goodbye to anxiety 
  • Let go of perfectionist tendencies 
  • Quit self-sabotaging 
  • Hit your income goals 
  • Discover confidence and inner happiness 
  • And have free time to live a life on your terms 


Not only that, we’re also going to cover: 


  • How much time you waste when you are hard on yourself
  • The impact of personal development on your mind, body, soul and career 
  • The exact three steps you can use today to kick any self sabotaging tendencies in the balls 
  • What a 1 on 1 support system can actually do for you and the results you can expect to achieve 
  • And finally, the secret weapon you can use to step into a life of fulfillment, happiness, excitement and self-love. 

I know these are some pretty bold claims. 

But have you ever stopped to think about yourself, your relationships, and asked - am I giving more to everyone else than to myself?

I ask all of my clients this question, and 9.9 times out of 10 the answer is a resounding YES

I know this place well. You see, I used to be Queen of Self Sabotage.
Living at Number 1 Anxiety Road, in Perfectionism-town. 


Since using this secret weapon, I have completely transformed my life.
I founded and created Your Good Life and I built a career for myself helping women smash though their self sabotaging ways and launch into their yummiest and fullest life. 


  • Each Of The Women I’ve Worked With Using This Secret Weapon Have Changed The Way They See Themselves
  • They Have Gotten Out Of Their Own Way
  • They No Longer Live With Anxiety
  • They Have Deepened Their Relationships
  • Their Overall Health & Wellbeing Has Improved

This Secret Weapon Is Perfect For Women Who: 


  • Are feeling lost, like they have no sense of purpose

  • Are feeling discontent or dissatisfied with their lives 

  • Are living with resentment or stuck in the past

  • Have been turning to the bottle and the pantry a little more than they would like (or admit!) 

  • Don’t wake up excited, and instead hit snooze 10 times 

  • Are curious that there is more, that they might deserve more, or there’s a chance that they want more 

But this secret weapon doesn’t just work for women who have lost their pizzazz. 
It’s not limited to tired mums
Or overworked execs
Or overeaters and overdrinkers
Or those lacking of a sense of joy

Here’s what others have said about this, and how it’s impacted their lives:

Your guidance, timeline therapy and expertise gave me a much better understanding to who I am as a person and  be able to work through my road blocks.


"My relationships are changing daily and I feel incredibly grateful to have experienced this breakthrough. I highly recommend you to anyone wanting to move forward and experience a positive change. 

Thanks Danielle

Kath J

There really is something incredible about the way you work. I wasn't sure what I was getting in for, all I know is that I needed help. I needed help fast and I was in a very bad place. 


I just wanted to say THANK YOU because the happiness hacks you have given me and the tools I now have forever have changed my life. I am a completely different person thanks to the work we've been able to do together. 

I can't recommend you enough to everyone!  

Jess M

Hi there, 


I'm Danielle Colley. 

I'd like to introduce myself as... Your Secret Weapon. 

I will also introduce myself as the founder of Your Good Life. 

I'm a Sydney-based integrative life coach who lives with my two super cheeky kids, my even cheekier husband, and a herd of cats.
Your Good Life was born after a period of dissatisfaction in my life where I was searching for something more. I wanted my life to have more meaning and kapow, and for my work to be able to help people to live a happier, more content and more badass life.


I was a freelance health and wellbeing writer with a strong interest in human relationships and mental wellbeing. My work has featured in many well-known Australian online and print magazines. I looked great on paper, but I felt stuck, lost and dissatisfied and knew I needed something more. 


I threw myself into becoming a Positive Psychology Coach and a Neuro Linguistic Programming Master Practitioner which led me to creating online and one on one programs in order to give women like you the tools you need to live the life you desire.

And I believe there’s a pretty big chance that I have been where you’re at right now.

When I was in my twenties, I had a spectacularly clear picture of what my life would look like by forty. 


I’d be a well-known actor/director who had a fulfilling and sustainable career both in front of and behind the camera, a handsome loving husband, a couple of well-behaved kids, maybe a dog, and definitely, a big, beautiful house overlooking the water somewhere. Nice, huh?


Fast forward to forty and the only part of that image I had manifested was two questionably behaved kids and an ex-husband. 


I found myself sobbing uncontrollably at my dining table one day - a single, unemployed, stay-at-home mum.


This was not the plan.


We often fall into jobs, or relationships, or lives that we hadn’t really planned for. 


At some point, you may take a look at your life and wonder precisely how you got here and, how did you become this person?

Did you hook a left one day when we should have gone right?


Maybe it was a missed U-turn?


Let me tell you one thing... I CONSIDERED EVERY OPTION. 

And I mean EVERY option. 

I tried talk therapy, but I just kept having the same conversations over and over again. 

One afternoon in the therapy chair, I realised I was going around in circles. Nothing ever shifted. 


I wanted to feel different, to experience life differently, not just talk about it. 

I wanted to live it. 
I was so in my head all the time, analysing and second guessing myself. How could I possibly trust myself and my intuition when I was so disconnected from myself, my desires, what’s important to me?
I tried diets, cleanses, all the green juices and detox smoothies. I tried pills and vitamins, and even had every physical test under the sun. 
I knew that this issue wasn’t really dietary or physical, even if it physically impacted my metabolism, my sleep and my energy. This wasn’t a pill or potion kind of fix. 

I knew this was rooted somewhere deeply inside me and how I really felt about myself and my life at its core.
It was all too easy to use booze as a bandage, to smooth away my edges and quiet the whispers, but I realised quickly this was a one-way slippery slope that was not healthy or sustainable.  





During The Next 6 Months I Went On A Binge That Can Only



Be Described As Obsessive


I wanted to understand why I felt the way that I did. 


I wanted to get to the root cause of my anxiety, and I wanted to be over it forever. 


I read book after book after book on self-development and self-love. 


I studied, learned, developed and became literally addicted to understanding the functions of the mind. 

How we tick. What makes us work. 

I studied Hypnotherapy and therapies for Rapid Transformation. 


I learnt the one thing you need to know, to guarantee this personal transformation... 


Get A Coach And Have Someone In Your Corner!

And Now I Am Fortunate Enough To Answer My Own Calling. 
It Is My Sole Mission And Purpose On This Earth To Pass On What I Have Learnt To All Women. 

I Want To Help Women Find The Self-Love And Beauty That Is Inside Of Them, That Sometimes They Can't See, Or Have Lost Along The Way. 

I Know You Are Awesome Already, But Sometimes You Just Need a Little Friendly Reminder. 

Want to know what it's like to work with me? 

If you have made it this far down, I have 1 question... what are you waiting for!? 

Let me ask you this, how much more time are you going to let go by before you make a change? 


How many more mornings are you going to wake up, wondering if you will ever feel any different? 


How many more therapy appointments will you try? Or diets or smoothies or Keto? 



The ONLY thing you need to do is simply book a quick chit-chat with me. 


When you click on this big blue button below, you will be directed to my booking calendar. 

It's nothing too fancy, it's just to make sure I can put myself in the best position possible to help assist you in absolutely any way that I can. 

When you book a time with me, this is: 

  • NO Obligation, you are not bound to commit to anything
  • NON invasive - you don't have to tell me anything you don't want to
  • NOT stressful, this is fun. It's simply a chance for us to connect as humans. 


So let's just say, what is the worst that can happen?


We connect in human, we chat about stuff, perhaps I'm not your vibe and we just decide it's not a great fit, but we had a nice human connection for a few moments.


That is the worst thing that can happen. 

But what about the best? 


If you can imagine waking up empowered Every Day. 

Feeling free of self sabotage and loving yourself  and your life wildly and madly. 

The best thing that could happen, is you stepping into Your Good Life. 

Need more proof?


So, what is it that I do? 


Let me cut straight to the chase.

I’m not here just to nod and listen and hold space.


I’m a “Let’s get *#$T done” kind of woman. 


Let’s get super clear. Make a plan.


Let’s lean into the challenges.


Create some solutions. Smash through it.


Celebrate all parts of yourself and keep on high fivin’ life.


I could talk about all the shit I’ve overcome to get here,

I would rather talk about how freakin’ great life is and how much is flowing to me and through me.


What brings me joy, makes me crack up laughing, fills my love cup.


Sometimes I’m love and light.


Sometimes I am wild.


Sometimes I am warrior.

Always I am authentic and honest and raw.


I am happy to share my knowledge and my gifts.


But only when you’re ready to dream big and step into the life you desire.


If this is resonating with you and you want to experience this too,

Drop me a line.


Tell me you’re ready.


Ready to talk about how to get from where you are to where you want to be.


Ready to claim your sovereignty.


Ready to be on board with you more than you ever have been.


I’m ready for you.

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